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Diabetic Shoes

People with diabetes often suffer from a condition known as “peripheral neuropathy”. Peripheral neuropathy leads to a loss of sensation in the extremities, such as the fingers, hands, feet and toes. Shoes that do not fit well present a danger to the patient with diabetes and peripheral neuropathy because their feet may not feel uncomfortable and sores, ulcers or infections can start without the person realizing it.

Diabetic shoes are designed to eliminate many of the structures in common shoes that can cause injury to the foot. A good pair of shoes will have many of the following features:

  • A. Construction & materials that “breathe”. Fabric, quality leather or sandals will prevent excessive moisture that can lead to blisters and other foot problems.
  • B. Minimal seams or bumps inside the shoes
  • C. Plenty of room in front of the shoe to prevent pinching or crowding of toes.
  • D. Easily adjusted so the shoe can be made snug to prevent rubbing, but not cut off circulation.
  • E. A design deep and wide enough so special insoles can fit comfortably if needed. 

In some cases the cost of special shoes is covered in part or in total by insurance, including Medicare.

Your Medicine Shoppe pharmacist carries diabetic shoes and can help you select a shoe that fits your foot. Call (281) 471-1241 for more information or to make an appointment, or just stop by when you are in the neighborhood.