Important Dates

The Annual Enrollment Period for most beneficiaries is from October 15th to December 7th, 2011. You may switch plans during this time period.

Some beneficiaries may qualify for a Special Election Period (SEP), which allows you to enroll or switch plans at different times throughout the year. You could qualify for an SEP if you:

  1. Are both Medicare and Medicaid eligible (dual eligible)
  2. Enter a long term care facility (i.e. nursing home) during the year
  3. Become Medicare eligible during the year

Turning 65? Then turn to the Medicine Shoppe® pharmacy.

After you blow out the candles for your 65th birthday, enrollment in Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage should be the first gift you open. Your enrollment period begins three months prior to your birth month and lasts until three months after your birth month, giving you a seven-month window to choose a plan. Visit your neighborhood Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy; our caring and knowledgeable pharmacists can discuss your options and assist you with the enrollment process. Surprised? Well, it’s not our present to you, it’s just another example of our commitment to your total health care.

Should you have questions regarding eligibility, please contact your local Medicine Shoppe pharmacist.