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Low-Fat Diet May Help Some Women Live Through Breast Cancer
A simple change in diet could make a world of difference for women with certain types of breast cancer.
Migraines Not Tied to Breast Cancer
They're painful and can put patients out of commission for hours or even days, but migraines aren't likely associated with breast cancer — despite past research that suggested they might be.
Many Didn't Get Shorter, Cheaper Breast Cancer Treatment
Not all breast cancer treatment methods are created equal — and many patients may not always get the shortest, most cost-effective option.
Radiation Not Always Needed for Breast Cancer Patients
Radiation may not always be necessary to treat breast cancer — but some patients were still receiving it, along with two other treatments that worked just as well without radiation.
Gene Testing May Identify Effective Cancer Treatments
The term "genetic mutation" may sound a little scary, but some gene mutations may reveal lifesaving alternative cancer treatments — and show who is at risk for cancer in the future.
3-D Mammograms Found Cancer More Often
A mammogram can be a useful tool for finding breast cancer in women, but sometimes getting a standard mammogram may not be enough. A new study suggests that 3-D mammography may detect cancer more often than a mammogram alone.
Blood Pressure Rx May Not Pose Cancer Threat
A blood pressure medication once considered a threat to women's health may not be as bad as researchers thought.
More Women Opting for Mastectomies
Women with breast cancer are often faced with a choice between partial or complete breast removal. More and more have been opting for the complete removal, new research suggests.
Metastatic Cancer: How Cancer Spreads
Learning that a cancer has metastasized may be one of the scariest things you can hear from your doctor. Metastatic cancers are responsible for 90 percent of all cancer-related deaths. Here is an introduction to the fundamentals of how cancer develops and spreads.
Many Breast Cancer Patients Had Repeat Surgeries
Many breast cancer patients have surgery to remove the cancer, but several types of surgery are available. A new study suggests that one type of surgery may lead to more operations down the road.