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It Hurts — But Is an X-Ray Needed?
Twisted and sprained ankles are as common in childhood as hide and seek. Just as parents have to decide when an injury is serious enough to go to the ER, doctors have to decide if x-rays are needed.
Is Country Mouse or City Mouse Safer?
If rural roads and cornfields beckon your soul, you may think the usually slower pace of life in the country is a safer place to live than in the bustling city. But you might be surprised.
No Helmet Brand Beats the Competition
Head injuries and concussions are almost a given in American football. Is there some brand of equipment that can protect the heads of young athletes better than others?
It's All Fun — Until Someone Gets Hurt
Riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) has become more popular in the past three decades. Among children, however, injury rates remain high.
Fireworks Fun and Safety
Skies lit up with fireworks often mark a July 4th holiday. It’s the on-the-ground activity surrounding those festivities that can be cause for serious concern.
Seat Belts Save Lives — Even Unborn Ones
It may seem inconvenient to get a seat belt around your belly while you're pregnant. But during pregnancy, wearing a seat belt is even more important if you're in an accident.
Waves Knock Swimmers into the ER
Splashing around in shallow water at the beach may seem low risk, but getting knocked down by a crashing wave can be very dangerous. Awareness and caution may be the key to safety.
Men Win Care Over Women
In some places, women receive more attention and care than men. But when it comes to seeking care for severe injuries, men may be likelier to get more attention at the hospital for the same injuries.
Texting, Driving Teens Take More Risks
The dangers of texting and driving have been well established, especially for less experienced drivers. But teens who admit to texting while driving may be taking other risks as well.
A Roller Coaster Ride into the ER
As the summer months approach, millions of children look forward to rides at amusement parks. Yet even well-regulated rides can pose risks to children, especially with accidental falls.